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Inscribed Ember Tipped Carapace

The minimal price on the Steam market 1,49 q.

Inscribed Ember Tipped Carapace

Rare, Inscribed, Wearable, Weaver

Dota 2

Rare Carapace

Used By: Weaver

Ember Tipped Carapace

{a}Ember Tipped Carapace{/a}

{a}Ember Tipped Striders{/a}

{a}Ember Tipped Manipulators{/a}

{a}Ember Tipped Antennae{/a}

When the energies of creation are hot and malleable, Skitskurr's carapace responds in kind, alerting him that it is time to start weaving.

Victories: 28
Inscribed Gem

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