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Autographed Cape of Arcane Artistry

Item is missing on the STEAM marketplace.

Autographed Cape of Arcane Artistry

Uncommon, Autographed, Wearable, Invoker

Dota 2

Uncommon Cape

Used By: Invoker

The Magus Magnus

Crest of the Magus Magnus

Bracers of Profound Perfection

Cape of Arcane Artistry

Hood of Endless Intellect

An archmagister must be the greatest at all things magical: spell-casting, scroll-reading, and costume-wearing.

Sunstrike Kills: 142
Inscribed Gem
Kills: 998
Inscribed Gem
Empty Socket
Autographed by 'Johnny' Lee Siong Tait
Autograph Rune
Towers Destroyed: 189
Inscribed Gem

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