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Flockheart's Gamble

The minimal price on the Steam market 1 775 q.

Flockheart's Gamble

Arcana, Standard, Wearable, Ogre magi

Dota 2

Arcana Wearable

Used By: Ogre Magi


Molten Firelark

Resplendent Firelark (Locked)

Lost, separated from her family, and saddled with the impossibly-stupid ogre responsible for it all, Flockheart the Firelark has no choice but to trust that the Goddess of Luck will help her survive the trials standing between her and a reunion with her flock. After all, it was the Goddess herself who tasked the Ogre Magi with standing watch over said flock in the first place. What the cluck was she thinking?

( Not Deletable )

Ogre Magi Arcana Multicast Streaks: 42
Ogre Magi Arcana Rune

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