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Inscribed Staff of the Archivist

The minimal price on the Steam market 7,33 q.

Inscribed Staff of the Archivist

Uncommon, Inscribed, Wearable, Warlock

Dota 2

Uncommon Staff

Used By: Warlock


The Demonic Archivist

Ishul-Shog the Watcher

Staff of the Archivist

Shroud of the Archivist

Demonbag of the Archivist

Lantern of the Archivist

Robe of the Archivist

Bracers of the Archivist

Grand Mantle of the Archivist

The measured thud of this staff may be heard in the labyrinthine corridors of the Ultimyr Archives as often as these ominous words: "Now where did I put that book?"

Kills: 320
Inscribed Gem
Victories: 29
Inscribed Gem
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Inscribed Staff of the Archivist
Inscribed Staff of the Archivist

Dota 2

Uncommon Staff

22 q

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