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Swine of the Sunken Galley

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Swine of the Sunken Galley

Arcana, Standard, Wearable, Techies

Dota 2

Arcana Swine Cannon

Used By: Techies

Swine of the Sunken Galley Set

{a}Swine Powder Barrel{/a}

{a}Swine Arsenal{/a}

{a}Swine Helmet{/a}

{a}Swine Visor{/a}

{a}Swine of the Sunken Galley{/a}

{a}Mark of the Taunting Swine{/a}

After months of work, Techies Demolitions proudly unveiled their latest commission: The Swine, the most powerful cannon ever designed. Yet during its first frantic use aboard a homebound galley, the Swine's awesome blast tore its host ship asunder, rocketing the cannon itself backwards toward the shore. It was found days later, deeply embedded in a rocky cliffside just below its makers' workshop.

( Not Deletable )

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