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Autographed Talons of Black Nihility

The minimal price on the Steam market 18,27 q.

Autographed Talons of Black Nihility

Mythical, Autographed, Wearable, Night stalker

Dota 2

Mythical Claws

Used By: Night Stalker

The International 2015


Black Nihility

Talons of Black Nihility

Strap of Black Nihility

Span of Black Nihility

Sweep of Black Nihility

Crown of Black Nihility

The most terrible darkness spawns the deepest void, a space in which no light or hope can emerge. Among the primordial prey of the creatures of the night, it was considered a priveledge to be slain by such fine talons.

Level 1 International 2015 Autograph by Ievgen 'n0point' Dubravin
Autograph Rune TI - 2015

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