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Autographed Wyrm Skirt of Uldorak

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Autographed Wyrm Skirt of Uldorak

Common, Autographed, Wearable, Dragon knight

Dota 2

Common Mailed Skirt

Used By: Dragon Knight


Uldorak's Hide

Wyrm Shield of Uldorak

Wyrm Helm of Uldorak

Wyrm Skirt of Uldorak


Wyrm Pauldrons of Uldorak

Wyrm Bracers of Uldorak

Dowager Queen Tansis XII called upon a brave dragon slayer to ambush Uldorak upon her son's crowning day. Expecting no plots from the cowed people of Candoness, Uldorak was caught by surprise and slain.

Level 1 Autograph by Goblak
Autograph Rune TI - 2015

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