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The Mysterious Vagabond Set

The minimal price on the Steam market 44,57 q.

The Mysterious Vagabond Set

Rare, Standard, Bundle, Shadow shaman

Dota 2

Rare Bundle

Used By: Shadow Shaman

In the final years of the Sordid Era, after thirteen seasons of drought, shamanic ways fell into disrepute, with all itinerant mages blamed for failing crops and disease. In order to continue his travels, Rhasta was forced to adopt a new appearance. While still offering many of the same services, during the end of this Era he disclaimed all knowledge of shamanism and professed only the knowledge that any vagabond might acquire along the road, and practice (in a strictly nonprofessional sense) for a few coins. Thus he survived into the next era, when many another was separated from their hide and stretched out along the roads as a warning to the next shaman who might happen along. Contains all of the items in the 'Mysterious Vagabond' set for Shadow Shaman:

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