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Autographed Gift of the Awakened

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Autographed Gift of the Awakened

Rare, Autographed, Wearable, Anti-mage

Dota 2

Rare Hair

Used By: Anti-Mage



Gift of the Awakened

Tail of the Awakened


Legacy of the Awakened

Bracers of the Awakened

Gift of the Awakened

Leggings of the Awakened

Shard of Retribution

Shard of Vengeance

Shroud of the Awakened

Words of the Awakened

"Ascend to Divinity upon shattered dreams of the fallen unworthy, whose lust for power and blind ignorance led them to their untimely demise." - Taken from Tael'Am

Gold Earned: 1153031
Inscribed Gem
Games Watched: 2
Buildings Destroyed: 247
Inscribed Gem
The International 2014
Games Watched: 16
Autographed by ImbaTV.HT
Autograph Rune

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