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Auspicious Cloud Forged Great Girdle

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Auspicious Cloud Forged Great Girdle

Common, Auspicious, Wearable, Skywrath mage

Dota 2

Common belt

Used By: Skywrath Mage

New Bloom 2014

Cloud Forged Battle Gear

{a}Cloud Forged Great Staff{/a}

{a}Cloud Forged Great Bracers{/a}

{a}Cloud Forged Great Girdle{/a}

{a}Cloud Forged Great Helm{/a}

{a}Cloud Forged Great Mantle{/a}

{a}Cloud Forged Great Wings{/a}

Strips of cloth gilded with mithril and fastened to a sturdy girdle. The trail of this belt is spoken of among foot soldiers who gaze to the sky above to see Dragonus fly through the clouds.

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