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Inscribed Second Disciple's Bastion

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Inscribed Second Disciple's Bastion

Common, Inscribed, Wearable, Bounty hunter

Dota 2

Common armor

Used By: Bounty Hunter


The Second Disciple

The Second Disciple's Bastion

The Second Disciple's Veil

The Second Disciple's Dagger

The Second Disciple's Chakram

The Second Disciple's Blade

The Second Disciple's Satchel

Sometimes a bounty does not need to be collected immediately if the hunter believes there is more to gain on a job. Gondar enlists in the army of the infidel in order to obtain sturdy gear and learn the stolen secrets of Soruq that have been bestowed upon the undeserving army.

Victories: 21
Inscribed Gem

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