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Frozen Admiral's Foraged Cap

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Frozen Admiral's Foraged Cap

Common, Frozen, Wearable, Kunkka

Dota 2

Common Cap

Used By: Kunkka

Frostivus 2013

Armaments of Leviathan

{a}Admiral's Foraged Cap{/a}

{a}Admiral's Stash{/a}

{a}Claddish Gauntlets{/a}

{a}Claddish Guard{/a}

{a}Claddish Hightops{/a}

{a}Neptunian Sabre{/a}

{a}Admiral's Salty Shawl{/a}

{a}Ye Olde Pipe{/a}

A cap found washed up on a Keenish shore, shortly before Kunkka's arrival there.

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