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Autographed Rampant Outrage

The minimal price on the Steam market 92,73 q.

Autographed Rampant Outrage

Immortal, Autographed, Wearable, Axe

Dota 2

Immortal Helm

Used By: Axe

The International 2014

Let them swing their puny swords and cast their pitiful spells. Let them scar the flesh and blacken the armor. Let them think they've found a weakness. Let them smile in their triumph. Then let them feel terror as the heavy blade ends their laughter.

Gold Spent: 1327015
Inscribed Gem
Call Damage Done: 714953
Inscribed Gem
Call Damage Taken: 200041
Inscribed Gem
MVP Phoenix
Games Watched: 4
Autographed by Kevin 'Purge' Godec
Autograph Rune

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