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Heroic Forgemaster's Mask

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Heroic Forgemaster's Mask

Common, Heroic, Wearable, Axe

Dota 2

Common Mask

Used By: Axe


The Forgemaster's Tools

Forgemaster's Apron

Forgemaster's Armlet

Forgemaster's Mask

Forgemaster's Hammer

The warriors of the Red Mist are not only superb fighters, but also master smiths. Each grunt is expected to craft his own sword and his own shield. Should his war tools fail him on the battlefield, the grunt has only his own hands to blame.


Double Kill

gosh darn it of Evil Geniuses scored a double kill against Team Empire on Nov 18, 2012 (16:29:20).

MatchID: 64980936

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