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Inscribed Riftshadow Roamer's Fryin' Pan

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Inscribed Riftshadow Roamer's Fryin' Pan

Rare, Inscribed, Wearable, Meepo

Dota 2

Rare Pan on a Stick

Used By: Meepo

Poly Count

The Riftshadow Roamer

{a}Riftshadow Roamer's Pluckin' Fiddle{/a}

{a}Riftshadow Roamer's Wearin' Vest{/a}

{a}Riftshadow Roamer's Fryin' Pan{/a}

{a}Riftshadow Roamer's Fine n' Fancy{/a}

{a}Riftshadow Roamer's Grabbin' Wraps{/a}

Keeping a pan handy will let you make noise and scare off the wildlife, or cook them if you're lucky.

Kills: 1030
Inscribed Gem

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