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Heroic Stag of the Northlight

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Heroic Stag of the Northlight

Rare, Heroic, Wearable, Keeper of the light

Dota 2

Rare mount

Used By: Keeper of the Light


Keeper of the Northlight

Robe of the Northlight

Hood of the Northlight

Equipment of the Northlight

Staff of the Northlight

Stag of the Northlight

The Keeper is said to travel the icy Northern wastes astride a magnificent stag, giving aid to those in greatest need and vanquishing evil and darkness wherever it is found.

Northlight Illuminance
Kinetic Gem


Triple Kill

VTRFTW^L of MOSCOWITA POWER scored a triple kill against Thunder eSPORTS on Feb 06, 2014 (20:09:28).

MatchID: 507363634

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