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Autographed Fluttering Mortis

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Autographed Fluttering Mortis

Immortal, Autographed, Wearable, Death prophet

Dota 2

Immortal Skirt

Used By: Death Prophet

The International 2014

The Death Prophet Krobelus flutters beyond the veil of the world, peering into realms best unseen. At her back, flutters death itself, while in her veins pulses the dark ink of all her prophecies still unwritten.

Wards Placed: 0
Inscribed Gem
Autographed by David 'LD' Gorman
Autograph Rune
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Autographed Fluttering Mortis
Autographed Fluttering Mortis

Dota 2

Immortal Skirt

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