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Heroic Shroud of the Awakened

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Heroic Shroud of the Awakened

Uncommon, Heroic, Wearable, Anti-mage

Dota 2

Uncommon Shroud

Used By: Anti-Mage


Legacy of the Awakened

Bracers of the Awakened

Gift of the Awakened

Leggings of the Awakened

Shard of Retribution

Shard of Vengeance

Shroud of the Awakened

Words of the Awakened

"May thine visage not be hindered by those of absent mind and eternal hunger, for thou shall bring an end to their suffering..." - Taken from Tael'Am.



Dark...Angels defeated Andes_Gaming with a score of 42 to 14 on Apr 02, 2014 (16:09:02).

MatchID: 592013896

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