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Frozen Ishul-Shog the Watcher

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Frozen Ishul-Shog the Watcher

Mythical, Frozen, Wearable, Warlock

Dota 2

Mythical Demon

Used By: Warlock

Frostivus 2013


The Demonic Archivist

Ishul-Shog the Watcher

Staff of the Archivist

Shroud of the Archivist

Demonbag of the Archivist

Lantern of the Archivist

Robe of the Archivist

Bracers of the Archivist

Grand Mantle of the Archivist

Demnok studied for years to construct the true name of the Watcher, hoping to bind a creature powerful enough to know and reveal the Ozkavosh tongue. Unfortunately, the Watcher lacks a tongue.

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