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Inscribed Eki Bukaw Wand - Off-Hand

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Inscribed Eki Bukaw Wand - Off-Hand

Uncommon, Inscribed, Wearable, Shadow shaman

Dota 2

Uncommon Wand

Used By: Shadow Shaman


Eki Spiritual Implements

Eki Bukaw Bracers

Records of the Eki Bukaw

Eki Bukaw Wand - Off-Hand

Eki Bukaw Wand

Fiery Ward of Eki Bukaw

Visage of Eki Bukaw

The wand of Eki Bukaw was once thought to be only legend. But now it is yours to wield, and with it, great power.

Wards Placed: 14
Inscribed Gem

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