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Auspicious Tory the Sky Guardian

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Auspicious Tory the Sky Guardian

Mythical, Auspicious, Courier, Other

Dota 2

Mythical courier

New Bloom 2014

Gift From: damon

Date Received: Mar 1, 2019 (15:28:31)

Dedication: qwrqwr

It's been told that Tory, the Sky Guardian, has been riding the winds since the beginning of time, serving the ancient tribes faithfully as a proficient messenger.

Everlasting glory shall be provided to those who are chosen by Tory as allies, as the winds seem to open a path for him while he gracefully flies towards his destination.

A skilled companion who can fly above the highest mountain and glide over the bloodiest battlefield, Tory can surpass every flying being in every way possible.

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