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Auspicious Killstealer

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Auspicious Killstealer

Rare, Auspicious, Wearable, Sniper

Dota 2

Rare Rifle

Used By: Sniper

New Bloom 2014

The Sharpshooter

{a}The Sharpshooter's Stache{/a}

{a}The Killstealer{/a}

{a}The Sharpshooter's Pauldrons{/a}

{a}The Sharpshooter's Cloak{/a}

{a}The Sharpshooter's Bullet Bracers{/a}

Among the Keen Folk, weapons are passed down from father to son, and the Killstealer was originally cast in Sniper's grandfather's day. They just don't make 'em like they used to.

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