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Auspicious Dreaded Bravo's Cape

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Auspicious Dreaded Bravo's Cape

Uncommon, Auspicious, Wearable, Templar assassin

Dota 2

Uncommon Cape

Used By: Templar Assassin

New Bloom 2014


The Dreaded Bravo

Dreaded Bravo's Scarf

Dreaded Bravo's Cape

Dreaded Bravo's Guise

The sands of Halgalareh are all that remain of a vast empire of prismatic towers. To inhale them is to breathe fine shards of glass. So it is not secrecy alone that dictates the wearing of this colorful veil.

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Auspicious Dreaded Bravo's Cape
Auspicious Dreaded Bravo's Cape

Dota 2

Uncommon Cape

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