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Autographed Habit of the Seeker

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Autographed Habit of the Seeker

Common, Autographed, Wearable, Bloodseeker

Dota 2

Common Robe

Used By: Bloodseeker

Ritual Garb of the Seeker

{a}Habit of the Seeker{/a}

{a}Hlotl-Feather Gloves{/a}

{a}Hlotl-Tusk Headdress of the Seeker{/a}

{a}Hlotl-Feather Necklace{/a}

{a}War Blade{/a}

{a}War Blade - Off-Hand{/a}

The Flayed Ones cannot be destroyed nor can they be banished to some outer realm. Only through endless bloodshed can they be placated and their wrath stayed.

Autographed by Viktor 'GodHunt' Volkov
Autograph Rune

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