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Autographed Elder Tusk of the Brave

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Autographed Elder Tusk of the Brave

Uncommon, Autographed, Wearable, Juggernaut

Dota 2

Uncommon Tusk

Used By: Juggernaut

The Dauntless

{a}Bone Bracer of the Brave{/a}

{a}Death Mask of the Brave{/a}

{a}Elder Tusk of the Brave{/a}

{a}No-Guard the Courageous Edge{/a}

So honored was Juggernaut by the death of the great beast, that he wears its tusk as a memento of their battle.

Autographed by Aren 'VeRsuta' Zurabyan
Autograph Rune
Aren 'VeRsuta' Zurabyan
Games Watched: 16
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