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Heroic Second Disciple's Bastion

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Heroic Second Disciple's Bastion

Common, Heroic, Wearable, Bounty hunter

Dota 2

Common armor

Used By: Bounty Hunter


The Second Disciple

The Second Disciple's Bastion

The Second Disciple's Veil

The Second Disciple's Dagger

The Second Disciple's Chakram

The Second Disciple's Blade

The Second Disciple's Satchel

Sometimes a bounty does not need to be collected immediately if the hunter believes there is more to gain on a job. Gondar enlists in the army of the infidel in order to obtain sturdy gear and learn the stolen secrets of Soruq that have been bestowed upon the undeserving army.


Triple Kill

wwd of team wild witch doctors scored a triple kill against top5 on Feb 26, 2014 (20:14:03).

MatchID: 540356205

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