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StatTrak™ P90 | Death Grip (Well-Worn)

Item is missing on the STEAM marketplace.

StatTrak™ P90 | Death Grip (Well-Worn)

Stattrak™, Restricted, Smg, Well-worn


StatTrak™ Restricted SMG

Inspect in Game

Name Tag: ''死亡而已,没什么可怕的''

Exterior: Well-Worn

This item features StatTrak™ technology, which tracks certain statistics when equipped by its owner.

StatTrak™ Confirmed Kills: 5

*Stats for this item will reset when used in Steam Trading or Community Market

Easily recognizable for its unique bullpup design, the P90 is a great weapon to shoot on the move due to its high-capacity magazine and low recoil. A hydrographic pattern of overlapping hands has been applied to a blue base.

Do not go quietly

The Operation Hydra Collection

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