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CS20 Sticker Capsule

The minimal price on the Steam market 86,50 q.

CS20 Sticker Capsule

Normal, Base grade, Container


Base Grade Container

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Counter-Strike, this capsule contains a variety of stickers from Steam Community Workshop.

Container Series #294

Contains one of the following:

Too Old for This

Pixel Avenger


Too Late

Friend Code

Obey SAS

Nuke Beast


Separate Pixels

Surf's Up


CS20 Classic (Holo)

Clutchman (Holo)

Guinea Pig (Holo)

Fire in the Hole (Holo)

Boost (Holo)

Rush 4x20 (Holo)

All Hail the King (Foil)

Door Stuck (Foil)

Dragon Lore (Foil)

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