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StatTrak™ AUG | Tom Cat (Minimal Wear)

The minimal price on the Steam market 34,59 q.

StatTrak™ AUG | Tom Cat (Minimal Wear)

Stattrak™, Mil-spec grade, Rifle, Minimal wear


StatTrak™ Mil-Spec Grade Rifle

Inspect in Game

Exterior: Minimal Wear

This item features StatTrak™ technology, which tracks certain statistics when equipped by its owner.

StatTrak™ Confirmed Kills: 231

*Stats for this item will reset when used in Steam Trading or Community Market

Powerful and accurate, the AUG scoped assault rifle compensates for its long reload times with low spread and a high rate of fire. Its gunmetal base coat has been finished with gold highlights, rear facing arrows, and a mischievous looking cat.

Thunderstorms are nature's purr

The Prisma 2 Collection

Sticker: DeadFox (Foil) | Berlin 2019, smooya | Katowice 2019

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