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Five-SeveN | Fairy Tale (Field-Tested)

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Five-SeveN | Fairy Tale (Field-Tested)

Normal, Classified, Pistol, Field-tested


Classified Pistol

Inspect in Game

Name Tag: ''''RAINBOW UNICORN''''

Exterior: Field-Tested

Highly accurate and armor-piercing, the pricy Five-Seven is a slow-loader that compensates with a generous 20-round magazine and forgiving recoil. It has been custom painted with a princess, unicorns, beautiful flowers, and a castle in the distance.

"Today's gonna be a good day—I can just feel it"

The Operation Broken Fang Collection

Sticker: Unicorn (Holo), Unicorn (Holo), Unicorn (Holo), Unicorn (Holo)

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