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StatTrak™ P2000 | Obsidian (Minimal Wear)

The minimal price on the Steam market 339,87 q.

StatTrak™ P2000 | Obsidian (Minimal Wear)

Stattrak™, Restricted, Pistol, Minimal wear


StatTrak™ Restricted Pistol

Inspect in Game

Exterior: Minimal Wear

This item features StatTrak™ technology, which tracks certain statistics when equipped by its owner.

StatTrak™ Confirmed Kills: 29

*Stats for this item will reset when used in Steam Trading or Community Market

Accurate and controllable, the German-made P2000 is a serviceable first-round pistol that works best against unarmored opponents. It has been custom painted to look like it was submerged in lava and is solidifying into obsidian as it cools.

Giving the term "glass cannon" a whole new meaning

The Shattered Web Collection

Sticker: Clutchman (Holo)

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