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Souvenir P90 | Glacier Mesh (Battle-Scarred)

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Souvenir P90 | Glacier Mesh (Battle-Scarred)

Souvenir, Mil-spec grade, Smg, Battle-scarred


Souvenir Mil-Spec Grade SMG

Inspect in Game

Exterior: Battle-Scarred

This item commemorates the 2019 StarLadder Berlin CS:GO Championship.

It was dropped during the Challengers Stage match between mousesports and G2 Esports, and autographed by Robin Kool who was the most valuable player in that round.

Easily recognizable for its unique bullpup design, the P90 is a great weapon to shoot on the move due to its high-capacity magazine and low recoil. It has been spray-painted using mesh fencing and cardboard cutouts as stencils.

A predator is a predator, no matter the environment

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